ADHD as a Skill Set (Part 1)

Season #1

Episode 21: ADHD as a Skill Set (Part 1)

Welcome to The ADHD Lounge podcast! Whether you're someone with ADHD or a learning disability, or just curious to learn more, come hang out with us in the Lounge! We’re your hosts, Katy Weber & Alex Gilbert.

Welcome to Episode 21. In this episode, we talk to Stuart Lloyd Cohen. Stuart is an entrepreneur, keynote motivational speaker, professional business coach, and president & Chief Motivation Officer of

We talk with Stuart about how ADHD is not just a disorder, but a unique skillset with its own strengths and abilities. We explore the power of reframing negative self-perceptions, and how embracing ADHD as a unique approach to life can lead to self-acceptance and personal growth.

Stuart's energetic and determined nature shines through in his hobbies and approach to life, but he wasn’t always that way. He shares how self-care, intentional reflection, and self-acceptance all became essential for thriving with an ADHD brain.

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Episode edited by Darlene Victoria