Parenting with an ADHD family (Part 1)

Episode 19: Parenting with an ADHD family (Part 1)

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Welcome to Episode 19. In this episode, we talk to Melanie Bieber of LevelUp NJ. Melanie is a licensed professional counselor with over a decade of experience working with young children, tweens and adults. In addition to clinical work, Melanie is passionate about discussing the realities and complexities of raising children in our fast-paced world, while still recognizing adults’ needs and the importance of taking care of themselves. She is also the co-author of the children’s book Aaron Daniel Henry Davis: Just Another Day at School.

We talk about the challenges of creating structure and scheduling with kids, especially during the summer months. We also discuss how to set boundaries for technology use and being present with our kids. And we talk about preparing for IEP meetings and strategies for supporting children with ADHD in the school system.


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Episode edited by Darlene Victoria