Finding Your Holistic Treatment Plan (Part 1)

Episode 17: Finding Your Holistic Treatment Plan (Part 1)

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Welcome to Episode 17. In this episode, we talk to neurodivergent power couple, Kalin Johnson & Marnie Bothmer! Kalin is a pharmacist specializing in designing unique care plans and teams for her ND clients. Marnie is a personal trainer who specializes in weight-neutral fitness plans for clients. They live in Omaha with their dog, Yoshi.

We discuss the need for a comprehensive care team after an adult diagnosis, as well as the role of medication and potential interactions, the benefits of exercise for mental and physical health, and the impact of burnout and self-care. We also explore the importance of managing stress, advocating for personalized care, and building self-trust and autonomy. Ask we learn more about Kalin & Marnie’s new online community, Diverse Minds.

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Episode edited by Darlene Victoria