Success Amnesia & the Default Mode Network (Part 1)

Season #1

Episode 11: Success Amnesia & the Default Mode Network (Part 1)

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Welcome to Episode 11. In this episode, we talk to author and social media influencer Jesse J. Anderson. Jesse discusses his adult ADHD diagnosis, his brand new book, Extra Focus: The Quick Start Guide to Adult ADHD,  and the concept of success amnesia. He shares how individuals with ADHD often forget their past successes, leading to feelings of self-doubt and difficulty taking on new challenges.

Jesse also talks about the importance of positive feedback and the impact it can have on motivation. He introduces the concept of a smile file, a place to store positive experiences and feedback, and how it can combat success amnesia. Jesse provides insights on managing overwhelm and prioritizing tasks, as well as strategies for managing priorities, staying focused, and breaking down tasks.

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Episode edited by Darlene Victoria