ADHD & Decluttering (Part 1)

Season #1

Episode 9: ADHD & Decluttering (Part 1)

Welcome to The ADHD Lounge podcast! Whether you're someone with ADHD or a learning disability, or just curious to learn more, come hang out with us in the Lounge! We’re your hosts, Katy Weber & Alex Gilbert.

Welcome to Episode 9. In this episode, we interview Kayleen Kelly, a professional organizer from Jacksonville, Florida. She’s had a knack for organizing and redesigning spaces since she was a little girl, and now she specializes in chronic clutter, ADHD, and trauma-informed care. She has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Apartment Therapy, Real Simple magazine, Better Home & Gardens, and a whole host of other media outlets, and as of recording, Kayleen has almost 800K followers on TikTok.

We ask Kayleen about her “Core 4” method and the “3-second rule,” and we discuss some of the unique challenges she works through with her ADHD clients. 


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Instagram: @kayleenkellyorganize

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