ADHD & Relationships (Part 1)

Season #1

Episode 7: ADHD & Relationships (Part 1)

Welcome to The ADHD Lounge podcast! Whether you're someone with ADHD or a learning disability, or just curious to learn more, come hang out with us in the Lounge! We’re your hosts, Katy Weber & Alex Gilbert.

Welcome to Episode 7. In this episode, we talk to Stephen and Erin Mitchell. They are co-founders of Couples Counseling For Parents, a relationship development company. They provide parenting partners stage-based relationship education to help couples stay connected as they travel through the developmental stages of parenting. Stephen holds a PhD in Medical Family Therapy and Erin holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology. 

We ask Erin & Stephen about some of the common challenges they see in relationships when one of them has ADHD, and how to improve communication in partnerships or with any family or friend relationship. 

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