Reframing our mindset with ADHD (Part 1)

Season #1

Episode 5: Reframing our mindset with ADHD (Part 1)

Welcome to The ADHD Lounge podcast! Whether you're someone with ADHD or a learning disability, or just curious to learn more, come hang out with us in the Lounge! We’re your hosts, Katy Weber & Alex Gilbert.

Welcome to Episode 5. In this episode, we talk to ADHD coaches Bri Plyler of Current ADHD and Andy Gil about redefining and reframing what success looks like, how we’ve managed to stop comparing ourselves to neurotypicals, and what works for us and our clients when it comes to changing our self-concept.

We also talk about playing to our strengths and recognizing that the qualities we’ve historically viewed as character flaws just might turn out to be our greatest strengths. So listen in to our interview with Bri & Andy and hopefully you'll be able to add some tools to your toolbox.

Bri Plyler: @currentadhdcoaching

Andy Gil: @coachandygil


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